More than just a set of tweening functions, this is a fully featured action system.

Create actions to animate any object properties, over time. Including colour and custom properties.

Actions are reusable and your objects can play many actions simultaneously.

Package actions together into groups to create complex action sequences, like in the movies.

Loop your actions as many times as needed, or forever.

Animate your object properties absolutely or relatively.

Includes 25 easing functions.

Chain events together like calling a script, playing a sound or playing another action.

Includes several common ready-made actions to use in your project like floating, flipping and flashing.

No dealing with alarms, steps, if's and while loops. Create and play an action instead. Done.

Animate anything you can think of. Save time and greatly reduce your coding effort.

All professionally written in GML.

Includes examples and documentation.

Fast and friendly support via email if and when you need it.

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